Underwood Fruit and Warehouse Company, LLC


Established in the early 1900’s Underwood Fruit is a major packer of pears apples and cherries in the Hood River, The Dalles and White Salmon growing districts.


The Pears grown in the Hood River and White Salmon Districts are renowned for their appearance, flavor, and storage life. Underwood Fruit receives, stores and packs several varieties of pears: D’ Anjou, Bosc, Bartlett, Red D’Anjou, Comice, Crimson, Forelle and Seckels are packed for markets all over the world.


Our growers consist of family owned sustainable orchards that are all Global Gap Certified and adhere to sound farming practices to assure safe, quality fruit for our markets. The success of our growers is the base of our operations. We have continued to grow with our grower’s organic expansion and have recently added 20 state of the art CA storage facilities to accommodate their success.


Our employees are a very essential element of our success and we are very proud of our low turnover and experienced workforce. We just recently opened in conjunction with SDS Lumber, a health care office for our employees. This is company funded and requires no out of pocket fees to members of our health insurance plan.


In 2009-2009 we developed a new cherry packing facility in Dallesport Washington under the name of The Dalles Fruit Company. That entity is wholly owned by Mt Adams Orchards Corporation and operates June, July, and August packaging cherries. The remainder of the year they store apples and pears from our orchards.

We also pack apples from the Columbia River area. Our primary varieties are; Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp and Grannysmith. Honeycrisp apples from our moderate climate have good flavor, appearance and storage life.