Employee Benefits

Underwood Fruit and Warehouse and Mt. Adams Orchards offers some of the best employee benefits in the industry. Our benefits package is reserved for qualifying employees only. Seasonal employees, generally, are not qualified. Questions regarding qualification for our benefits package should be directed to the Human Resource Coordinator.
We offer full medical through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network that is administered by Health Management Associates, HMA. Our medical plans are priced competitively providing qualified employees with the opportunity to purchase medical insurance at group rates.
Prescription Drug Plan
We also offer a fully comprehensive prescription drug program administered through Caremark that provides state of the art prescription services to our employees. Caremark has a comprehensive mail order program that helps employees defray the cost of their prescription drugs.
Our dental plan is administered through Delta Dental. Delta has cooperative agreements with many local dentists giving our employees a choice to obtain high quality dental care.
401 K
Our 401k program is one of the best in our industry. We match dollar for dollar up to 4% of annual earnings for qualifying employees. We feel that offering a comprehensive 401k allows our employees financial security in their retirement years.
On-Site Medical Clinic
Underwood Fruit and Warehouse and Mt. Adams Orchards contracted with ANOVA works in 2015 to open a full service medical clinic that is available to qualified employees of Underwood Fruit and Mt. Adams Orchards. Since its opening, the clinic has helped our employees increase their quality of life through healthy living and quick and efficient medical care.

Student Scholarship Program

Created by Jack Bloxom in 1991 for Mt. Adams Orchards and Underwood Fruit and Warehouse, this program has been established to provide the children of employees from the company the opportunity to apply for a competitive scholarship for continued studies past high school.


High school seniors that have a parent or guardian employed by Underwood Fruit and Warehouse, Mt. Adams Orchards or any affiliated company and are planning to attend a four year college are eligible to apply.

Applications must be post marked no later than April 30, 2017 and sent to the Scholarship Director, Maru Quintana. Please see the application packet at the link below for more information.

It is the intent of the company to ensure that all applications are treated with respect, dignity and fairness in the application and decision process. At no time will any applicant be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, physical disabilities, sex or any other legally protected characteristic or status.

To apply, please down load the scholarship application packet at the link below.

Download: Scholarship Instructions and Application (PDF)


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  2. American Funds – 401k


  3. Caremark Prescription Drug/mail order


  4. Dental Plan