Northwest Growers, Packers and Shippers of Apples, Pears & Cherries


Welcome to Underwood Fruit and Warehouse Company

We are the apple and pear packers and shippers of choice for 55 growers. Farming 90 orchard properties with fertile volcanic soils between Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, in the rain shadow of Washington’s and Oregon’s Cascade Range. Our unique environment is enhanced by our growers’ total commitment to Global Gap standards, sustaining the clear mountain irrigation waters, and fertile land, and the welfare of our farm and warehouse workers.
Underwood Fruit was formed in 1917 by seven local growers to supply their farms with production and packing materials and to provide a railroad shipping point for moving their farm packed product east. One of those growers was Mt. Adams Farms, a 300 acre pear orchard planted in 1910. That orchard, now under the same ownership as Underwood, has expanded that farm to 750 acres of pears, Honeycrisp apples and cherries.

Mission Statement

We strive to be a highly respected, innovative and profitable company. We will create sustainable growth for our stakeholders, customers, growers, employees, suppliers and shareholders by consistently providing high quality products and services through the ethical use of human and natural resources.